Hermès New York commissioned The NWBLK lighting designer, Christopher Boots to create magical holiday windows for the season themed ‘Metamorpheses’. The installation is up through January 15, 2015.

For information on standard and custom lighting by Christopher Boots, please contact The NWBLK at 415.621.2344,

The theme proposed by Hermes for the installation was “Metamorphosis.” “What a beautiful theme, a poetic concept, that has the possibility of being interpreted in many ways. How do we experience what metamorphosis looks like? A butterfly from a cocoon. A volcano spewing forth liquid rock. A continent shifting, crushing carbon and creating diamonds. My recourse was to look at the classical world. My genetic heritage is all Greek, so it felt natural to ‘talk’ through my history by referencing archetypes, tying this in with the history of Hermès telling the stories that are so human to us all, that make us, us. References to Icarus and Daedalus, Pegasus and Bellerophon were among the initial guiding agencies that defined the interpretation of this theme.”

“A few fixtures are products that are part of my current collection, and some are especially created for Hermès. Thousands of hours of work have gone into conceptualizing, negotiating, prototyping, testing, making and installing. Thank goodness for the teams that have assisted in getting this project off the ground and into the air. TwoSeven, Hermès and my wonderful studio, who to me are my family. Without collaboration we are nothing.”

“Materiality is so paramount in a material world—we need an understanding of the things that surround us so we can have the ability to change them, to work them, to mold the world that we live in in ways that suit our dreams. I love the physical and metaphysical properties of quartz, so I’m surrounded in my studio by hundreds of kilograms of rocks all the time. My desk is covered in a variety of rocks: obsidian, fluorite, pyrite, smokey quartz, rose quartz. Having them in my space inspires and grounds me, and my aesthetic is directly influenced by the crystalline structures that these elements represent. The transparency and opacity of these minerals leaves a lot of possibilities.”

Excerpted from Cool Hunting’s November 21, 2014 article by David Graver.